Did I dream this?

Or is there in fact a way of searching Scriv projects for most frequently used words and phrases? I swear I saw a post here about it, but cannot ferret it out. If in fact there is no such thing, I must commend you again for a deeply influential product, Keith, since it’s now occupying my sleeping as well as waking hours.


I think you are referring to:

Project -> Text Statistics

And then expand the Word Count triangle, and you will see the most common words for the selected document. I am guessing you can create an Edit Scrivenings session with your whole project to get a project-wide count.


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Y` know what they say! “It takes one to know one” :smiling_imp:

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a) Sane.
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Fortunately my fingers were spared. As for my brain, the jury is still out on that one…

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Awww!! Poor poor thing! I hope it`s OK

Wot antagonism?!!! Snot my fault hes a numpty and Im not :open_mouth:

Yes it is. You could try a lot harder!