Didn't receive license because of typo in Email

on monday I bought a scrivener license but mistyped my email (left out one letter) and therefore didn’t receive a license.
I contacted support via sales@literatureandlatte.com with proof of purchase several times now. I read that normally an automated reply email is sent but I didn’t receive any and therefore worry that my emails aren’t going through :frowning:
I hope you can help me!

First thing to do would be to check the spam folder of your email account.
It would seem that L&L’s emails sometimes end up there, being identified as “commercial” or something.

If the email isn’t in there, someone from L&L will likely be soon able to help you here.
Meanwhile, don’t post details about your license here on the forum, as this is sensible info.

@AmberV @RuthS @kewms

I should have updated this thread publicly! We got the matter resolved already. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue. I bought Scrivner on Tuesday and may have given the wrong email. How do I correct it? I checked my spam and nothing is there. The emails for Literatureandlatte I received for signing in the forums at the email I gave but have not received the license yet.