Difference between chapters and parts

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that might have already been discussed here, but I cannot find an answer anywhere.

My manuscript has the following structure

Part 1
Chapter 1
Scene 1
Scene n
Chapter 2
Chapter n
Part 2

After more than an hour trying to configure the compilation and project settings, I managed to differentiate Parts and Chapters, but the enumeration is wrong. After the compile, I get
Part 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Part 4

I suppose I made a mistake somewhere, but I cannot see where. Is there someone who can help me, please? :blush:

Try going to formatting in compiling and eliminate every tick except for “text” in Level 1+ and 3+ . Let me know if that helped! :smiley:

I assume you’re using the current stable version of Scrivener?

If so, you have change the number placeholders for Parts to use something like Roman Numerals ( <$R> ) instead of what’s being used for chapter numbering (probably <$n> ).

I don’t think you can give custom names to these in the older version of Windows (somebody correct me if I’m wrong), otherwise, you could just change the part’s <$n> to <$n:Part>, which would increment numbers separately from just plain old “<$n>” used for chapters. Version 3 will have that capability, but also the compile process is quite a bit different overall, and it’s not completely debugged, so I wouldn’t suggest using the beta if you need to compile your work anytime soon.