Difference Between Project Notes and Document Notes?


 I'm wondering what the differences are between document notes and project notes in the inspector.  

Let’s say you have a new text file for every chapter or scene in your manuscript. If you add document notes and then eventually delete that chapter or scene, will you lose those notes forever? What if they are project notes? Will they be lost if you delete the chapter or scene?

If you enter project notes instead of document notes, how do you keep track of everything in relation to the chapter or scene you’re working on?

Right now I’ve got all my notes in a different colour sitting on the page with my main body text. However, that is obviously very messy and I wish to migrate my notes away from the main body text, but not sure the best way to do it. I definitely don’t ever want to lose the notes. I also want to keep them relatively close to the body text they relate to. Any suggestions?

Project notes are attached to a particular Scrivener Project. Each different scrivener project can have a distinct set of project notes associated with it. It is like a (multi-tabbed) notepad for the project.*

Document Notes are notes attached to a particular document within a project. Each different document has a single document note sheet associated with it. If you delete that doc, the notes attached to it are deleted, too.


  • Multi-tabbed, because under Manage Project Notes, you can add other, named project note sheets, and subsequently switch between them in the Inspector.

I’d suggest to use Comments for such a thing. They work similarly to footnotes, and move with the text they’re anchored to.

Try moving your notes to the text of the chapter folder (which is typically not included in the compile) if you structure your chapters as folders with scene documents inside them. If you don’t organize them this way, then create separate documents and put the notes in there, un-checking the “include in compile” box in the inspector. Maybe change the icon of the notes documents for good measure (or create a note “Label” if you color your binder icons for other purposes). You might even do that set-up in a “document template” for faster notes creation.