Differences between the Windows comic template and the Mac?


I’m using Scrivener for a graphic novel script, and while this is working nicely for the most part, Antony Johnston’s kind tutorial has graphics captures that assume I’m working on a Mac platform, which I’m not:

antonyjohnston.com/articles/ … comics.php

Could someone who knows both the Mac and Windows versions explain what the differences are in this? It’s hard to follow Johnson’s instructions when you don’t know if the problem is not knowing the analogous Windows interface to his Mac screen captures or if the analogous Windows interface doesn’t exist yet because the Windows version of Scrivener isn’t as advanced as the Mac.

I ran into similar problems when I used Scrivener for poetry only to find that the poetry template was only in the Mac version, not the Windows version which I own.

(The closest I have to a Mac is my Ipad and unfortunately Scrivener isn’t on the Ipad yet.)


Kevin Andrew Murphy