different bibliographies (works cited/further reading)

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a project where I’d like to have two different types of bibliographies tagged at the end of my work. The first is the standard compilation of all the works I cited in the body of the work. That’s become routine in how I put that together (drag and drop the citation key into scrivener from BibDesk, export the scrivener file into latex, run the typeset, and voila - the bibliography magically appears at the end of the document).

In addition to that standard bibliography, I’d also like to add on a bibliography of useful works that I haven’t cited in my text. How do I do that? I’ve been using the inspector panel in scrivener to list works that are relevant, but which I’m not citing. I’d like to be able to list them as a separate sort of “interesting reading” bibliography. As it stands right now, all the citations that I incorporate automatically get fed into the main bibliography. How do I create multiple bibliographies?

On a related note, it is possible to divide my main bibliography (the one that’s drawing from the works cited in the text) into different sections (e.g.,primary sources, secondary sources, articles, books, etc.)?

Edit: Forgot to add for clarification that I’m working with Scrivener, LaTeX and BibDesk. For the MMD settings, I’ve been using the memoir class and a bibliography template that I downloaded based on the Chicago Manual of Style.

There are currently three LaTeX packages for subdivided bibliographies: (1) bibtopic.sty, (2) multibib.sty and (3) biblatex.sty. The main difference between bibtopic and multibib is that bibtopic uses multiple .bib files, whereas multibib uses multiple citation commands. biblatex is much more powerful than the packages aforementioned, but is a replacement for your current bibstyle (and more… it is actually a replacement for most of BibTeX’s functionality), which means that you have to configure biblatex first. Maybe it’s easier for you to use bibtopic?