Different fonts for different languages

Hi, can I have automatic different fonts for different languages. For example when typing in English I use the font Brill, but I often change between English, Hebrew and Greek. Hebrew in Brill is horrible, I use SBL Hebrew. In word there is an option for “complex scripts” or something like it, where word automatically changes the font. Is there such option for scrivener?


Set up character styles for Hebrew and Greek, using appropriate fonts; then give them shortcuts (I’m a Mac user so I don’t know how you do the latter in Windows, sorry!). That’s what I’ve done for Chinese as I don’t like the default Chinese font.



Post Edit: You might also need to set up a character style for English/Roman as te shortcuts might not act as a toggle. :slight_smile:

Does this mean that I have to use two different shortcuts? One for changing the language und one for changing the font?