Different footer while compiling

Hello everybody,

I would like to compile my work.

Everything is working but the pages number. I want to have some clean pages without number (the title, the epigrah…)

But I don’t know how to do that.

In my format compiling, if I erase the <$p> in the page settings > footer… it for all the pages.

How can I make different footer for differents sections ?

(I’m french sorry if my english is not easy to understand)

Best regards


Your English is perfect!

You can set the title pages to have a different footer easily by setting FIRST PAGES without page numbers and MAIN BODY with them, all within PAGE SETTINGS.

For the rest, if you have prologues or quotes at the beginning that you don’t want to number, remove them from your DRAFT folder and put them in a separate Scrivener folder called Front Matter. This folder exists in the supplied Novel Template and others, but you can create it yourself. Then, in the PAGE SETTINGS, OPTIONS tab, you tell Scrivener that the MAIN BODY HEADER AND FOOTER STARTS … AFTER FRONT MATTER.

For your epilogue and parts at the back of the book that you don’t want page numbered, put these in the separate folder, Back Matter and check the option for DIFFERENT HEADER AND FOOTER FOR BACK MATTER.

Then, when you go into the HEADER AND FOOTER TEXT tab next to the OPTIONS, you’ll see a new option appear for the Back Matter.

Best wishes!

Thank you so much !

It works fine !

You’re so welcome. Happy to help and glad it’s working.