Different Greens

This bug is actually a microbe, but once you see it, it will never leave you again. :smiley:

Scrivener has two ways of picking preset highlight colors: yellow, orange, green, blue and pink. Either you can choose them from the dropdown menu (Format -> ) or you right-click on the highlight icon in the toolbar.

The preset green from the toolbar is off, though - it’s noticably “dirtier” than the bright green from the menu. This may seem like the neglibility it is, but on the other hand, if you use the green marker a lot (I do!) it may actually become an annoyance.

Therefore, I’d be grateful if this could eventually get fixed. :slight_smile:

It’s not just the highlighters. For example, the dark green in the context menu (and which is called “dark green” in format search) is different from the dark green preset in the dropdown.

I’m glad you brought this up because it annoys me too. I think–but I’m not sure–that Scriv 3 will let us pick our own presets. At least I sure hope so.

Is there any chance this bug will ever be fixed? One would believe that 2+ years is ample time for changing a simple hex code. :mrgreen:

Thank you.

You didn’t mention version you’re on but if 1.9, possibly never as they are hard at work trying to get V3 ready for prime time.

This is from the latest beta (b27) for version 3. The first highlight is the default green from the toolbar, the second the same default green from the menu. (The highlight colours are by default now all pastel shades: the green is actually called Honeydew…)

You can create your own highlight colours.


literatureandlatte.com/stor … ab=Windows

Not sure if you ever noticed, but it is Scrivener v1 that they are currently selling (as in: now). I guess anyone buying a piece of software can reasonably expect that it isn’t stuffed with 2 year old-bugs that nobody cares about. Or is Scrivener abandonware already?

My apologies. How could I assume you were actually talking to me, when in fact you were replying to a post from June 2017. Please forgive me for busting into your lively conversation.

Having said that, maybe you should check your tone. This is a subforum of official “Scrivener for Windows”, which is at this point still at version 1.

There is a subforum for the Beta Testing of Scrivener 3 which is, regardless of what you personally might think and according to LL’s very own assessment, NOT recommended for production environments. In case you got lost, this forum is located here:


As a customer of Literature and Latte, I think it is perfectly reasonable to expect that bugs that have been found in the software I bought will eventually be fixed as long as the version is considered the latest stable version. Pointing to some future release that has been promised since at least 2017 (see the post by Liz) and telling me that even the most simple bugs will only be fixed if I buy Scrivener a second time, certainly isn’t the answer to this.

And kindly quit bullying me. All it will do is spoil Scrivener’s reputation and make Literature & Latte look bad.

So answering you in your own tone with your own words is bullying, is it?

Right oh, Jason.

I deleted my post, because after I’d written it I thought perhaps English isn’t your first language and you hadn’t realised that you were being unnecessarily offensive. Apparently not.

For the record; there was discussion about the beta in the post above mine. I added some information which may help anyone who wondered whether and how the new version deals with the issue. You chose, for reasons best known to yourself, to be gratuitously offensive.

A tip for you: there are plenty of people here who will try to help you if you have issues with the program. We’re almost all users and have nothing to do with Literature and Latte. But if all you want to do is insult the developers and other users, you’ll find that willingness to help you will be limited.

Up to you.

Not much to add, I guess. Three customers lost in this thread alone, many more in others. Bugs is one thing, but complete lack of business ethics is another. Scrivener is history for me.

On the off chance you’re still here, what is the source of this Scrivener Review?

This review is, quite simply, factually wrong. I don’t know whether that’s because of ignorance or a willingness to lie, but it’s wrong.

I just took a few minutes to go back through the Windows release notes and count up all the bug fixes, changes, etc. What I found was over 1,046 enhancements and bug fixes, including adding a substantial amount of continued compatibility to Scrivener for Mac and iOS and features past the initial design point, over 8 years.

Even if we exclude everything past the release Scrivener 1.9.9 (October 8th, 2018) as simply being updates for Paddle-related issues, that’s still over 1,041 changes over a 7-year period, all of which were free updates from Scrivener 1.0.0. Versions 1.9.7 and 1.9.8 came after the announcement of work on Scrivener 3.x. In what world do consumers have the expectation for continued free upgrades and bug fixes for more than 7 years, all for a $40 fee?

  • Scrivener 1.9.16 14th November 2019 – 1 change for licensing
  • Scrivener 1.9.15 10th October 2019 – 1 change for licensing
  • Scrivener 1.9.14 17th September 2019 – 1 change for licensing
  • Scrivener 1.9.13 27th July 2019 – 2 changes for licensing
  • Scrivener 1.9.9 8th October 2018 – 4 changes including the safer 3.x save mechanism
  • Scrivener 1.9.8 15th June 2018 – 15 changes
  • Scrivener 1.9.7 6th October 2016 – 25 changes
  • Scrivener 1.9.6 4th August 2016 – 14 changes
  • Scrivener 1.9.5 19th July 2016 – 38 changes including support for iOS syncing
  • Scrivener 1.9.0 6th October 2015 – 44 changes
  • Scrivener 1.8.6 11th March 2015 – 26 changes
  • Scrivener 1.8.5 27th January 2015 – 51 changes
  • Scrivener 1.8.0 2nd December 2014 – 32 changes
  • Scrivener 1.7.3 19th August 2014 – 27 changes
  • Scrivener 1.7.2 2nd July 2014 – 34 changes
  • Scrivener 1.7.1 27th May 2014 – 289 changes
  • Scrivener 1.6.1 31st October 2013 – 39 changes
  • Scrivener 1.6.0 12th April 2013 – 29 changes
  • Scrivener 1.5.7 10th April 2013 – 7 changes
  • Scrivener 1.5.6 3rd April 2013 – 72 changes
  • Scrivener 1.5.3 5th February 2013 – 129+ changes
  • Scrivener 1.2.5 14th August 2012 – 32 changes
  • Scrivener 1.2.3 22nd June 2012 – 6 changes
  • Scrivener 1.2.1 18th June 2012 – 89 changes
  • Scrivener 1.0.3 26th November 2011 – 27 changes
  • Scrivener 1.0.2 11th November 2011 – 10 changes
  • Scrivener 1.0.1 7th November 2011 – 2 changes
  • Scrivener 1.0.0 7th November 2011 – Initial release

Didn’t see the data before, but it’s basically just evidence that L&L ceased to properly maintain Scrivener 1 for Windows in October 2016 (over three years ago), save a handful of random fixes (which include several bug fixes catering to iOS users and the long awaited Dutch typo correction that everyone was holding their breath for).

As a regular, you should really know better (and if you don’t, why don’t you check out the threads in this very forum - take note of all the non-replies, count the threads with actual staff participation and ask yourself whether or not this resembles a bug “hunt”).

So, it is you who is facutally wrong. Does that make you a liar now?

Totally unnecessary! (IMHO).

Yes there is a minor cosmetic ‘bug’ in 1.9. With the (2) developers focussed on getting V3 out the door I expect this minor cosmetic bug will remain. Which would you rather, get V3 out in shortest time or divert resources to fixing a minor cosmetic bug?

I for one vote for V3 as I’m certain would the overwhelming majority of Win users.

Final question/point.

Is this minor cosmetic bug preventing you from writing?

No? Then…

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Jason, you never answered my question about the source of this supposed review. In an attempt to answer it myself, I searched online for a number of phrases from the review. In half a dozen or so searches, zero (0) results were returned relating to a Scrivener review. There is no such review on the Internet, as far as I can tell.

So, Jason, your source please? I hope you won’t leave us suspecting that you simply made the thing up and then quoted yourself. Of course, it might be unknown online because it was published in a print-only software publication. Those still exist, right? :smiley:

I trust everyone is having a “green” Christmas!

If you’re so unhappy, why are you still here trying to crap in the punch bowl?

Just walked in to this one. So correct me if I’m wrong, you’ve been going on about this ‘review’ when it’s a comment made by you in reaction to a very positive Scrivener review? A comment immediately disputed by the next poster.

Calling yourself Scrivener- review doesn’t make you comment on Win Scrivener a review.

Put it bluntly, that and your comments in this thread sound a pile of demented nasty.

Your comment on jackass shows you up for the mindless crass troll you sound in your posts.

I find it particularly entertaining that this poster’s perceived disappointment in a product is caused by a color choice. Oh well. shrug I trust by now he has chosen a product that says “green is green”, and “not green” but “something else entirely green”, or something absurdly more “normal green”.

I have yet to see a green highlight in an ebook product. Perhaps they’re there. Perhaps they’re not there. I must thank the poster profusely for pointing out the shade difference to me, where previously it had gone unnoticed. I will immediately stop using Scrivener until this outrageous behavior is terminated and colors return to their natural shades.

To assist in this process I shall forthwith prepare a sternly worded letter to be forwarded by post to the developer.

Jason, if you’d like to repost your last contribution without the violation of forum rules, feel free.

Devin, there’s no need to respond in kind. Just report the post and move on.