Different images in full editing mode ?

I just wanted to know if it’s possible to display an image different from the document I work on in full editing mode. For example I write on the chapter X of my novel, but inside there is a physical description of one of my characters. So I’d like to display its picture during I’m writing on the chapter.

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If you place the image in the Document Notes for the document you’re working on, then you can open the inspector in full screen and display notes (and thus the image) in a floating window while you work. The other option is to select both documents before entering full screen mode and view them as a Scrivenings session, so they’re both loaded in the editor, but that would involve scrolling back and forth to type and view the image, which is probably not what you want.

O.K., thank you.
It’s actually what I did (first solution).
I just thought it could be a useful possibility to display the image we need for any chapters we work on. We could access to an image of character, place, etc. from the same document (and maybe display more than one image: character + character / character + place, etc.)

For the moment the solution implies to drag each time a new image in the Document Notes of the document we’re editing.

Don’t know if I’m the only one think it could be a good option :wink:

Oh, it’s a good idea, and a method for doing that is planned. :wink: It just won’t make it into the code for a while yet, as it’s kind of a big deal to program. But ultimately the goal is to have a way of opening documents in floating windows, both in full screen and when in the regular editor so you can reference and edit multiple texts (or images) along side each other in a slightly different way than just the split editor.

And even better than what I imagined.

Sorry: I have the feeling my proposition was a bit too obvious… :wink:

Scrivener is a brilliant soft and I’m in hurry for the windows released
(and the French translation/dictionary)

You can download a French dictionary now; go into the Auto-Correction tab of Tools>Options and then click “Download” in that top section about the dictionary; you can select French from there and download it, then use the “Select” button to switch from the current dictionary to the newly downloaded French one.

Unfortunately I think there is still the bug of before… Downloaded the French dictionary as you said but it’s impossible to launch Scrivener anymore:

“This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.”

So I will reinstall it :smiley:

Quoi?! Was this in 035 then? Curse it. Lee fixed that bug (we thought). Thanks.

You may need to wipe the Scrivener directory completely from Program Files (or wherever you installed it) before reinstalling. Before you do, get the French dictionary out of the Aspell directory so you can replace it after the install and not have to download it again.

Don’t understand: I tried again this morning and it worked! I’m almost sure it was in the 0.0.35 because I don’t know where I could find another version… I reinstalled Scrivener last week because the other Beta terminated at the end of September. But I confirm it works know. So… it’s a mystery…

Well, I saw another report on this after yours, so it might be a wretched lurking bug. I’ve got it back on the “find and kill” list. But I’m glad you’ve got it running again!