Different page margins for different pages

I asked this previously during the Scrivener 2 days, but thought I’d see if a solution has emerged in the new version.

Imagine a document that alternates text with full-page diagrams in PNG format. The diagrams have some whitespace built in around the sides, so it’d be desirable for Scrivener not to impose page margins there, lest the images be shrunk unnecessarily.

However, simply changing the page margins globally to zero (in the Page Settings dialogue box) would push the text documents up against the side of the paper, which would be problematic.

Is there a way to have the documents with PNG diagrams receive zero page margin, while the text documents to receive normal margins?

I suspect the answer to this is going to be “it is easier in Scrivener 3, but not yet doable completely within Scrivener 3.”

If you set up each of the diagrams as a separate document in your Binder, then you can give them a separate Section Type and Section Layout, which means when you compile you can treat them differently in your output format (if to RTF or Word, you can simply have the styles set up appropriately to match).

Thanks Devin! It’s a bit of extra work, but far easier than having to manually interpolate printed pages. I’ll give it a shot.

I gave this idea a shot. However, it seems as if margin settings are per Format, not per Section Layout — that is, all Section Layouts in a project use the same margins, which are defined in a Format’s “Page Settings” tab.

Or am I missing another way to set margins?