Different Settings For Section Layouts Format

Why do I sometimes see this in the Settings:

And other times this:

It’s driving me crazy. I want the first one, but sometimes I can’t get it.

The second is available when you’re compiling to ePub 3 or Kindle. The first is for when you’re compiling to other targets.

Thanks, but I’m seeing the first option when I’m compiling to a PDF.

And if that first one isn’t available, how do I tell it not to indent the first paragraph.

Yes. PDF is not ePub or Kindle, so it is not the second option, it is the first.

If you are compiling to ePub or Kindle, you don’t get that kind of control over how it is displayed without using CSS, so it is pointless to display those options. Instead, you are asked which CSS class to associate it with, and the CSS class supplies the necessary format options.