Different word count.

Until yesterday, the word count shown in project statistics and project targets were fairly consistent. Now there is a difference of over two thousand words between what they report.scrivener.jpg

EDIT: On further investigation, I’ve found the source of the discrepancy. OpenOffice counts an em-dash as a word. Scrivener does not. [end of edit]

I just today started using Scrivener, and I’m encountering something similar. I imported my novel draft and used ctrl-k to split it into about 60 different text files at scene breaks. In OpenOffice Writer, the word count is 109,749. In Scrivener, the same manuscript is counted as only 107,796 words.

Just to make sure user error wasn’t at fault, I compiled the draft out of Scrivener into a new .rtf file. Sure enough, when compiled, it’s 109,751. The two-word discrepancy here is probably due to the header and footer, each of which contains one “word.” So it appears that Scrivener is simply miscounting the words in the draft. Unless there’s something else going on that I don’t know about.

If you unselect “documents included in compile only”, do the numbers agree?

The documents included in compile will include front-matter items (if you have any), which might explain the discrepancy.


Briar Kit

Unselecting “documents included in compile only” only increases the disparity. The thing is that I diodn’t change any settings, so I cannot account for the change. The programmer part of my brain keeps telling me it seems like a database indexing error.

Tried the option to save and rebuild indexes?

Changed the compiled documents at all?


Briar Kit