Difficulty in finding Windows support

I have been using Scrivener for Windows and Mac for some time now. I use the windows version more than I use the Mac and have found it very difficult to find information on how to use Scrivener for Windows. Many of the options in Mac are not available for Windows such as adding a word to the dictionary. The instructions say to right click and press learn spelling. Sometimes I can use the Mac instructions and figure out how to accomplish it in windows (using different options usually) but in this case I cannot. I gather this capability is not available in windows. why? Over the years I have found that many of the features in Mac are not available in windows. Is there any goal to fix this?

In general, because the Windows version lags behind the Mac. Also, as with learning spelling, the spelling dictionary function is built into the Mac OS, but on Windows, it has to be added by the Windows Scrivener team into Scrivener itself. Generally speaking, it’s just more labor intensive to build Windows programs than it is on the Mac, if you want equivalent functionality.

Yup: Currently in beta, expected (knock wood) to be out this fall: literatureandlatte.com/blog … rses-mouth

Ok, Thank you.

I may be confused, but it sounds as if you are using the Mac user’s manual to work in the Windows program. Checking the Windows manual (from the Help menu, or F1; sec. 15.2.3, p. 148) I find the following:

I find that in fact (in v. 1.9.9) the buttons are labeled “Ignore All” and “Add to Dictionary,” but the functions do seem to work.