Digital Cover Artist Recommendations?

Fellow Scrives,

Does anyone have experience with a graphics/cover artist(s) they’d comfortably recommend?

Looking for an artist(s) to create works-made-for-hire digital images for a couple of projects…one fiction; the other non-fiction & business-oriented.

Welcome your recommendations with appreciation…and believe other Scrives will find your comments also of value.

Plane Wryter

I can recommend Valentina Kallias to you. Her work is photography based, so I’m not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. She has sold a number of artworks for novel covers.

You can view some of her work here: Her contact details are on that page.

Hope that helps,

I’d recommend Dominic Harman. Brighton-based. Does a lot of book covers for major publishers. Worth a try. Good friend of mine. Tell him I sent you.