Dilemma: How to see trees from the forest after you have grown them

One thing that comes popping in is how to see are the characters in balance from that moment when the storie introduces them and when the story goes on. Im afraid that Im down grading my characters, maybe its because when the writing goes they come to be more familiar, they have relations to other characters, they grow like the story grows. It feels like my brains are falling from the wagon when I go thru this, usually when my writing gets slower pace…like now… And it would ne nice that it would not happen my characters either… “And they changed brainles amebas to the end”
Maybe Im over thinking this or demanding too much from the chracters to be more…basically the same thing, but…well, maybe this is just me and I just revealed how inexperienced, childish, stupid…and so on I can be…Yeah, Im really lost in the woods now :laughing: maybe I dig a hole and jump on it…

Thread Resurrection.

I completely see where you are coming from.

I am struggling at the moment with deciding how far I need to flesh out each character - and whether a vague characterization of one character will be noticeably distracting to a reader compared to another character.

But I also think I am over-thinking it .