Direct export/share to Wordpress blog page

Scrivener is, will always be, my go-to program for writing, on Mac, Win, iOS, however, for one particular task it is a little more work to achieve the desired result (unless I’m missing something).

The task I refer to is posting direct to a Wordpress blog site.

I recently saw an article on posting direct to a WordPress site using Ulysses. A quick look at a blog post on the Ulysses site and it was a ‘wow it would be great if Scrivener did this’ moment. Once the site details are set in Ulysses it’s a couple of clicks to export, either as direct post or draft.

I realise Scrivener and Ulysses are different approaches to writing, and it’s impossible to stuff everything including the kitchen sink into a program, but if it were a possibility, I for one would love it.

Wordpress (at least the site I use) has a “paste from Word” command. I’ve found the easiest approach is to Compile to Word, and then paste from there. For a blog post, you can usually ignore most of the Compile settings by using the Original preset.


I second that. I would also LOVE to have that feature on Scrivener on windows. Even Hemingway Editor can publish to wordpress now. The Ulysses workflow just seems so easy and smooth…

There are a few tools that take markdown and publish it via the commandline, e.g.

If one ran a custom command line on compile (folder action for example?), then one could just compile to a particular folder and the script would trigger. Pandoc explicitly supports the markdown variant wordpress uses apparently, so the full workflow should be possible for a motivated geek… :smiley:

Good suggestions, however, if you check out the Ulysses blog on posting it is a quick setup for even multiple blogs, then an equally quick post to your selected site, direct from the editor.

I’ve tried it to confirm the process, and it exceedingly effective.

I do realise that making any program ‘all things to all men’ can be an exercise is turning good software into bloatware.

um… I use Google Blogger(blogspot). Wordpress is good and popular. but I want direct export to Blogger too… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Since their last Windows update, Ulysses for Windows also includes the Wordpress feature and it works well.
I switched to Ulysses for blogging and continue to use Scrivener for other purposes.

Point of information:
Be careful with whom you’re doing business. The Windows version is not associated with the developers of Ulysses in any way; I asked Ulysses in a recent email. It appears that it’s thievery.

A tweet by Ulysses: … 5007728641

Wow, I didn’t know that. That’s bad news! It is even in the Windows app store. Not sure why they haven’t done anything against it.