Direct publishing of blog post to Wordpress

I would love to see an option in Scrivener that would make it possible to post a blog post directly from Scrivener on Wordpress, is this a possibility?

Sorry, there are no plans for this. Although you can certainly write blog posts in Scrivener, it’s not really its main purpose. I don’t rule it out for the future, but it’s not in 3.0.

All the best,

I understand, it should of course be in the line of the program’s vision, I asked because I read that Ulysses 2.6 has this option now with their latest update and as a intense blogger on Wordpress that was a real lightbulb moment for me.

So were are getting 3.0? That’s interestig news :slight_smile: Will there be big changes or additions?


I too would hope for a wordpress publish but copy and paste for now it is. Also, not as argumentative or rhetorical but for knowledge, what is thought of as the ‘main purpose’? It’s easier to think of wish list possibilities if I better understand the vision.

Thank you.