Directly Editing .rft files

Hi. I’ve been away from writing for a while - over 5 years I think - so when I sat down to write again I installed my 1.x version of Scrivener for Windows (since I no longer have access to a Mac for that 2.x license!) and saw that version 3.x was available, so I shelled out the reasonable amount of money, downloaded the new version and installed. Excellent.
I then spent a bit of time updating all of my Scrivener projects to the new version. So far so good.
However, my second editing machine is an old Thinkpad running Linux. In the old days I’d pop open the folders in the project and edit the .rtf file and Windows Scrivener didn’t seem to mind. However, in 3.x I no longer see the files>docs and simple numbered rtf files, but many folders and content.rtf files.

In short, am I still safe to edit these files, or will that break the main Scrivener project on the Windows machine? (The files are never open on both at the same time.)

No, editing the contents of a Scrivener project directly is not safe. This is what the Sync with External Folder functionality is for.

Thanks @kewms - thought I’d ask. You’ve likely saved me a world of pain down the road.