Disable a Particular Scrivener Keyboard Shortcut

Hello folks,

Is there a way to disable a default Scrivener shortcut?

I want to disable: Format ▸ Scriptwriting ▸ Script Mode (Format) ⌘8

Because I have an Applescript through Automator that I want to run using that shortcut, ⌘8.

Any ideas?


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You can reassign the shortcut at an OS level, so long as the wording matches the ‘Script Mode’ that Scrivener is toggling between when using the default keystroke. For example…

In Sys Prefs …

In Scrivener …

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Hello @sobs, and thanks for your response. Although it’s kind of over my head, for now, I have it working with Option + Command + 8, I did want Command 8 only but can’t get my head round it all.

Here’s a video showing how you can reassign ⌘8 to something unobtrusive.

disabling ⌘8

Thank you for the vid! So the problem is how do I assign it to my shortcut though? What I mean is, you assigned the ‘Save’ command to it, what I want to do is ask it to run an Applescript which was done on Automator which will rewind it for about five seconds, I have saved this AppleScript with the name, ‘Rewind,’ for example, but how will it recognise that? I typed in: ‘Format>Scriptwriting>Rewind’ in App Shortcuts under preferences and gave it the key ⌘8, but it is still just toggling Scriptwriting mode.


Maybe that will help.

I don’t use Automator. I like Keyboard Maestro.