Disable MMD thebibliography

Is there any option to disable the creation of this LaTeX Code when exporting MMD → LaTeX?:



I‘m using a custom included tex file to handle generation of the bibliography…

Yes. Edit the Compile Format used to create the LaTeX output. See Section 21.5.3 in the (Mac) Scrivener manual for details.


Hi Katherine, I have a custom compile Format but I can‘t find any option there nor in the manual section you referred to. Could you give me another hint? I‘m using LaTeX Options: None (Use Metadata) and in the Metadata Section I define a latex leader and a latex footer to include my preamble and such.


In that case you are simply including a .tex file or two, most likely in your texmf folder. MMD itself does not generate any code like this, it must be coming from your boilerplate files, which you can edit with a simple text editor, it’s not anywhere in Scrivener.