Disable Page Numbers on a Few Pages in a Row?

I need to have several blank pages in a row in the middle of my book with no page numbers on them. I have them set up in their own folder in the binder. Is there a way to have page numbers as usual in the rest of the manuscript, but have the numbers skip those pages? I know how to leave them out of the front and back matter, but not out of one folder in the middle. Thanks for any help you can give!

It’s possible to leave the header and footer off of those pages, but not to skip them in the page numbering.

Incidentally, be sure to put the <$BLANK_PAGE> placeholder on any intentionally blank pages. Otherwise the Compile command will remove them.

That’s the sort of thing that, in general, I find easier to sort out in my word processor post-compile, especially if you want those blank pages not to be counted. But of course it does depend on the format you are compiling to.