Disabling auto-correction and spell checking

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering how can I turn off auto-correct spelling? I don’t need those red lines of my language (it’s not English). I have told that using Edit → Spelling and there you can change if you want to auto-correct on or off. But not in my Scrivener 3. I hope you can help me out, this is pretty frustrating to write everything underlined with red. :slight_smile:

Turn it off via File > Options > Corrections > Spelling > Check Spelling as you type.

While you’re there, review the other Corrections/Spelling options available, as there may be others you want to tweak.


Thank you so much, Jim. Now it works like a charm. Happy Holidays, God bless you!

Thanks David, you too!

How do I turn off the automatic correction when I am typing?

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