Disappearing chapter

Yesterday, I finished off a chapter. Let’s call it chapter A. Got an upgrade notice. Shut down and upgraded. Restarted and wrote another chapter. Let’s call it chapter B.

Today when I revved up the the old Scrivener, I still have chapter B, but woe is me, chapter A has gone for a walk. Can’t find it anywhere.

Was scrivener so offended by what I did to poor character in chapter A? Should I apologize and not treat poor character so badly in the future?

Or am I just SOL and I just have to rewrite the damn chapter and this time I’m really going to screw the bastard.

Thanks for your help. I’m now frightened of upgrades.

Have you checked the contents of the Trash? It only takes an errant swipe at the backspace key to move a section of the binder the trash. If it ended up in there, just drag it back out to where it should be.

Thanks AmberV.

Unfortunately, I had checked the trash, and it wasn’t there. It seemed to mystically disappear.

I remain baffled.

Erm what do you mean by “old Scrivener”? … Were you using it as a term of affection, or do you mean the non-upgraded version, 'cos then it would depend what that was and document format issues.


I’m hoping that’s genuine affection and not polygamy!

Try creating a back-up of the Scrivener project, and then viewing the contents of it in Finder. You should see a bunch of RTFD files. You might find it there. Another thing you could try is searching for a phrase or word that you know existed in that chapter. Maybe it is still in the binder, but hidden some place.

Hmm, there is nothing this upgrade could possibly have done to your chapter. Did you make any other copies of the project? Any other backups? Did you accidentally open in a pre-1.10 version of Scrivener? Anything else you can tell me to give more information?