Disappearing comments (involves Mathtype equations)

Hi. I am a textbook author (physics at the moment) trying out Scrivener on Windows. As an aside, so far I think it’s pretty much the most well designed piece of software that I’ve seen in years and that someone must have researched exactly how my brain processes information for writing.

Anyway, I use a lot of equations in my writing, and poking around led me to Mathtype, which is what I’ve been playing with. When I imported my work from Word into Scrivener, all of the equations disappeared, so I am trying to put them back using Mathtype. Because the embedded image quality is so poor and my publisher wants everything submitted in Word format, I anticipate having to re-enter all the equations again once I compile the manuscript for submission. I saw a suggestion to copy and paste the LaTeX version of the equation into a comment associated with the equation so it could easily be recreated once I’m back in Word.

I did this for about 5-10 equations and saved the document. Did a bit more work and then Scrivener crashed. When I started it back up again, all of the equations seemed to be intact, but the comments from both before and after my save had disappeared. I saw something about it being inadvisable to store documents in the cloud (I use Dropbox)–I really have no choice because of needing to use different computers in different locations. Could that be what caused the disappearing comments? And, have I missed some simpler way to handle really wanting to write using Scrivener but needing to end up with a document full of equations in Word?