Disappearing Paragraphs

Twice in the past week, I have opened a certain file and found that there were paragraphs missing. After clicking on the paragraphs above where the missing paragraphs ought to be, the paragraphs reappeared, one for each time I clicked. Nothing was ever permanently lost, only missing.

This is a new one! Are your missing paragraphs at the very bottom of the editor? I’ve seen it happen that sometimes a document doesn’t load completely in the editor, so it looks like text is just missing from the bottom, but forcing the scroller down or arrowing down through the text will make it all reappear. If this is just random paragraphs gone invisible throughout the document though, I’ve definitely never heard of this. Are you in script mode? Viewing a single document or a Scrivenings session? When the text is missing, is there white space or no gap (assuming there is visible text after it)?

I’m not absolutely positive, but I think that it was all the way through the document, or at least the last half. I’m not in script mode, viewing single document, there is there is no gap where the paragraphs ought to be. I looked at the file and thought that I must have just imagined writing what was missing until I clicked and the first missing paragraph appeared.