Disappearing underline text

When using version 0.24, trying to import documents with underline text.

  • Cut and paste from OpenOffice to Scrivener (also tried from Word 2007 and Wordpad) : part of the underline text is lost. About 2% of my document has vanished. This is more than half of the underlined text. The text is long (about 100k words), but lost text isn’t located at the begining or end, it seems to be everywhere.

  • Pasting with “Paste and match style” doesn’t lose text, but the underline formatting is lost.

  • Importing from RTF gives the same results as simple copy/paste

  • Importing from HTML seems to work (wordcount was coherent)

Thanks for this report; I’ve logged it and will check up on it. What was the document type you were using originally for the cut and paste, .rtf? And the text that went missing was always text that had been underlined, but it came from anywhere in the document, correct? I’ve seen some formatting not import correctly–highlighting, namely–but never heard of it losing the actual text, so this definitely needs to get fixed. Any chance you could attach the .rtf in question to a post here or send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so we could test it out?

The original document was from OpenOffice.

I tried direct cut/paste, and saving to different document types from OpenOffice (.doc, .rtf, and .html). I checked the results in Word and Wordpad to make sure all the text was here.

I then imported the documents into Scrivener (template Novel with parts) and checked the total word count each time (note : this is not easy, since Scrivener word counts are much lower than those of OpenOffice - about 5%). All methods gave showed a loss of underline characters except importing from html.

As far as I can see, only underline text has disappeared. Strangely, some of the underline text appeared unaffected and others were.

I will try to create a short test file to submit here. If I can’t, I’ll email you the entire text.

Looks like I will have to send you the complete text : I couldn’t reproduce the behavior with a simple test case.

I’ll try co cut a few excerpts so you won’t have to search for the few underline characters among tens of thousands.

Ok, I managed to produce a small sample text showing the problem.

Import this file into Scrivener, Novel with parts template, and you’ll lose a large chunk of the text.

I suspect the cause is some sort of weird RTF formating from OpenOffice : if I open this RTF in wordpad and re-save it, it displays OK in Scrivener.

Sorry, the RTF extension was rejected by the forum server. Renamed the .RTF file to .TXT for upload.
underline_sample2.txt (5.82 KB)