Disappearing Words leads to discovery of missing backups

Well, I have no idea what happened. I was typing like a mad woman when everything disappeared on the document I was typing. I thought about 10-12,000 words.
Looked for most recent backup. Only 3 backups when there should have been about 6, the most recent three not to be found. Not even done the last time I saved, which I’ve set it up to do. Wishing it backed up as I wrote. Cuz I lost about 2 hours of work when I’d saved not too long before losing the information. But I didn’t save a second copy.

When it disappeared, I tried undo, but nothing. Undo and Redo weren’t even highlighted as options, which is odd in itself.

So I need a bit of help. Any ideas? Please?

Thank you,

First thing I’d check is the binder.
Perhaps you accidently hit Ctrl-N or Ctrl-K and simply created a new blank document. (?)
Start by looking at the document just above the one you are in and that looks like all content got deleted.
After that, if unsuccessful, go through your binder, doc by doc.
. . . . . .
The doc from which everything got deleted (allegedly), does it show a word count at the bottom? If yes, select all invisible text (click in the editor, Ctrl-A), change your font color.
. . . . . .

As for the backups, go to Project / Project Settings / Backup and see if that project is set to backup in a specific place of its own, other than the one set in the options’ panel.
If it’s the case:

  1. that’s where your backups are,
  2. you can simply uncheck the option, subsequent backups will go where you expected to find them in the first place.

…And P.S. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have no idea what happened or why, but I went through the files, and then when I got back to the original file, the 15,399 words were back. So, whenever that happens, I’ll just search. Keeping your notes on what might have help.

I’m nervous to use the program again because I have no idea what I hit. :blush: Hopefully I won’t hit it again.

Thank you.


Before anything else, fix your backup location and settings.
After that, backup often, and worry not. :wink:

You might want to whitelist Scrivener in your antivirus. Perhaps it denied Scrivener access to the file corresponding to your mystery document.

I’m going to be looking at that. Thanks. If there’s a problem, I’ll let y’all know. But if I’m remembering correctly, they were all supposed to be going to the usual place.

Thanks again.

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