Discipline, whither didst thou go?

I’ve done it all. And I’m not talking about things away from the keyboard. I mean things right in front of the screen. I’ve purchased software and spent hours making just the right globe map for my weird fiction story. I’ve spent time changing around my backgrounds and screen colors and fonts and icons ad icon size, all with the idea that if I hit just the right combination, suddenly the hands would take over, possessed, and begin to churn out a gobsmacking novel. I’ve spent uncounted days answering posts from members at my “home forum,” giving them advice I somehow don’t ever take myself.

I’ve tried to go Steinbeck and have purchased any number of leather-bound blank-books (I think I have like seven of them still with me. Want one?) thinking that this would be the way away from distraction. It wasn’t. It was just a way out of some more money.

So again I ask, “Oh Discipline, where art thou? Whither didst thou go, that I should feel so bereft of thine influence most beneficent?”

Are there others here who have asked themselves the same?

This is just aboard Scrivener, but the World`s your lobster! :wink: