Discrepancy in number of words...?

I honestly don’t know if this goes here, but I figured it might.
Anyway, I downloaded the Scrivener 3 Beta. I was messing around with the interface and settings, and came to Project -> Statistics.
It says there that I’ve written 45,898 words, whereas in the Project Targets dialog, it says I’ve written 33,847 words.
That’s a pretty big discrepancy - what gives? I have translated some chapters into English, but I haven’t included them when compiling.
Is the Statistics dialog including them anyway?
I honestly haven’t checked if this discrepancy exists on the current version of Scrivener (I.E not the 3 Beta), but if someone wants me to do that, I can.

This should be in the Windows Beta forum. PM a moderator to have it moved. However, there is already a lot of discussion there about this topic…