Display Comments on iPad?

I use comments in my manuscript as a sort of ‘to do later’ list, so I can keep writing without stopping to address the obvious but not fatal issues with what I am doing.
I now have the iOS version, which is wonderful, and am trying to figure out how to display the comments either in-line or in the sidebar, like I do on my laptop.
Is there a way to do this? I cannot find a setting…
If not, how does one suggest it as an ‘ask’ for future feature releases?

You can double-tap on a comment (if it’s not selected), or you can put your cursor next to it and tap the Comment button in the predictive text bar or extended keyboard row - this will bring up the comment for reading and editing.

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Another possible way to approach this, if you’re willing to work with inline annotations on the laptop side, is to select your text on your laptop and then select menu item “Format>Convert>Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations”, and use inline annotations in future. Either way has its advantages and drawbacks – I too like having my comments in a sidebar on my Mac, but “inspector” comments don’t stand out very well on iOS, at least not to my eyes.

I agree, having comments display in the Inspector on iOS would be a “Nice to have…”

It’s highly unlikely that a comments sidebar will be coming to the iOS version, sorry - certainly not in any 1.x update. iOS has a much more limited UI and we have to make the most of what we have.

wow, quick feedback…
I’ll try the inline annotations and see how it goes.
Thanks everyone!