Display full path in document heading label?

Hi. I’m not really sure how best to describe what I’m trying to do, so I wasn’t able to turn up anything helpful in a forum search. I (hope that I) have attached a picture illustrating my question.

In the header above a document, the name of the document is displayed without its path. If you hover over that label, the path is shown in a tooltip, but it’s not displayed by default. Since some of my notes have the same name, and since I sometimes work in split view, being able to display the full path would help alleviate confusion as I switch around. Is there any way to get the full path to display by default?

I’d prefer to not have to give my notes names like “SN D Other” to distinguish them, if possible. That would feel to me like some of the benefit of grouping was being nullified.

Thank you so much.


Briar Kit offered the following advice:

Thank you, Briar Kit. That answers the question of how I can determine which document is being displayed when I’ve lost track. If someone knows how to display the full path so that I can tell without having to check, please let me know. Thanks.

Hi. If no one knows how to do this, I guess I can assume it can’t be done. Does any one think there would be any benefit to posting something like this to the Wish List board? Thanks.

If you wish to add anything to previous discussions feel free. At the moment there are no plans for this, and the Reveal in Binder, tooltip (as you demonstrated) and the “Path” submenu in the header bar icon menu are meant to be your tools for figuring this out.

Oh, something I do is Ctrl-Cmd-R as well—that navigates the editor “up” and selects the item you were currently viewing. So if you forgot which folder you are currently in, that shortcut will show you the folder, and the Cmd-[ shortcut (or Back button next to the title) will bring you back to where you were.

Thank you, AmberV, for directing me to that. I guess if this hasn’t been implemented in nearly six years, there’s little point in adding my 1.2 cents to the discussion.

Unfortunately, since opening this topic I’ve decided that I will need to be able to more quickly determine which document I’m looking at than I can manage without having the full path displayed in the header, footer, title bar, somewhere. My workflow doesn’t stand up to having to stop to figure that out so frequently, particularly as the document grows in size and complexity.