Display number of texts within folders

My projects tend to be quite large, involving hundreds of texts. For that reason I need to set up quite a few folders in both my drafts and my research folders. Some of these folders will have their own subfolders containing dozens or even hundreds of texts. It would therefore be very useful if you could add something invaluable that was added some time ago to both the old Hog Bay Notebook and to DevonThink Pro at my request, and that is to have the option to display in brackets after a folder the number of items within that folder.

I find this invaluable in DTPro. For example as I look at my equivalent to the Binder in DTPro, I can see at a glance the following incredibly useful info:

Research (32477)
Clippings (27555)
Topics (136838)
Checklists (1606)
Examples (2405)
Notes (1404)
Reference (6247)
Statistics (144)
Contributors (16174)
Questions (188)
Sayings (871)
Case studies (2817)
Clients (26695)

… and so on

It is enormosuly valuable to see this info at a glance.

Can you give the idea some thought, Keith. Thanks!