Display on different computers


I’ve just experienced that one scapple document may look differently on different computers because of the display settings in the system settings of Windows (Win7, Win8.1), please see the following screenshot of the settings I talk about:

On computer 1 the property is set to 100%, here the scapple document looks like this:

On computer 2 it is set to 125% (as in the screenshot), then the scapple document looks like this:

The font is installed on both computers.

I haven’t experienced this behavior in other graphic-oriented programs like LibreOffice Draw, Inkscape, Powerpoint etc… I guess somehow those system settings should be regarded by scapple for display of the document, shouldn’t they?
While there is no loss of data, and while I can rearrange the notes by resetting the font size for all notes in the document, it’s unfortunately a “show stopper” to create a scapple document on one computer and present it on the other one…

What do you think?


P.S.: Used Scapple version is

I’ll echo this one. I’m seeing the same thing, Win7 Pro and Win 8.1 Home