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I am trying out Scrivener, and one thing that is quite important for me is to have numbering of my sections. For now, I can show the numbering in the “outline” view, and I understand I can render it when compiling my texts. However, I’d like to see the numbering of my sections, sub-sections in the binder view, a bit as I would have in the “Navigation Pan” in Word or Google docs. From what I looked in the forums, it is not possible to have this, but I am asking, just in case.

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Yeah, no, Scrivener doesn’t currently do it.
I number my files too, for technical reasons, and do so by hand.

This said, it brings more inconvenients than advantages, if you can do without, I’d recommend.

If the Outline view can be made to show what you want, then, consider this:

Using a split Editor, you can set up your Outline view to work like a Binder-on-steroids. In this arrangement, when you click on an item in the outline, it opens the doc in the other split of the editor. You can use Scriv’s Layouts function to memorize you ordinary set up and this souped-up one.

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Black = Off
Blue = On