Display selected Folder stats in outliner?


I’d like to know if it is possible to include the totals (current and target), for the current seection in outliner.

For instance (see image) , if I select Chapter 2, I see the totals and target of the content of ch2 in the the outliner, but I don’t see the info of chapter 2 as whole. For this, I have to select one level up.

Is there a possibility to do this.

Thank you,


This seems to me more a question of how the outliner works in general, rather than one specific to any columns within it (like word counts). What you are describing is simply how it is designed to be used. If you want to work on the contents of something, you click on that thing to load its contents into the outliner. The thing itself is the “background”, you might say. To view that, it must be itself contents of something else, so you view one level up.

What might help though is to learn a few shortcuts for moving around more easily. I regularly hop “up” a level to check something, so often it’s a reflex I don’t even think about—and then back to what I was doing which is another reflex. Look in the Navigate ▸ Go To submenu for an “Enclosing Group” command, and its associated shortcut. This works from any kind of editor view mode by the way, too! It’s nice to be working in one small section, hit that shortcut and view the larger context of where the text came from, in Scrivenings mode. The other shortcuts I use all of the time are Navigate ▸ Editor ▸ Forward|Backward in Document History. Jumping around to view things from a different angle (to see their word counts for example) should never be an imposition because you can always jump back to where you were, just like in a web browser.

Thank you. So I understand it is not possible to do what I want.

Not precisely, no. You would have to use the outliner more like how you might in most outlining programs that do not “hoist” the view so you are only working with a smaller set of outline items. In those, you usually always have the whole outline showing (like the binder), and you fold away the sections are you aren’t working on. Myself I prefer navigation than folding and unfolding so much, to me it just seems easier.