Display the binder on the Right Side

Is it possible to display the binder on the right side. I need it for online video meetings.

Never heard of…

Plan B could perhaps be to split window, show documents in outliner on right side and activate “Automatically open selection in other editor…”

When you click in outliner on right side, the document will displayed on left side.

Not just plan B. The only way it could be done as far as I can think.

I would like the option to float the binder panel, where a single shortcut key would both show and hide it, and where the screen position where it opens remained set until moved elsewhere.

Until then, using the outline view as a binder alternative in combination with copy holders, as discussed above and in a few other recent threads, seems very promising. Thanks all for these great ideas!

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Could flip the screen upside down, then use the “type right to left” setting + a backward font… hmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I tried that with my Surface Pro in tablet mode, with autorotate on, but after a while the blood started rushing to my feet, I passed out, and when I came to, whole passages of my memoir were in files with a timestamp far in the future and can’t be accessed until then. So inconvenient! I think it probably has something to do with the Qt framework, or a weird Windows update, but it’s so hard to tell for sure! :upside_down_face:



Maybe try changing the date for a future one in your windows’ settings. Perhaps that’ll give you access to your backups.
Then look through your documents/memoir for any mention of a lottery ticket.

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