Display the day of the week something was written

I asked in the tech support forum but heard nothing back, so perhaps this is not a feature yet:

I would like to be able to see the day of the week that I wrote something on. I can enter it manually but it would be a good feature. How I write on Monday and how I write on Friday is very different and I have noticed that I always write less on a Wednesday for example. And I’m always suspicious of any revisions I do on a Sunday morning. I’m far kinder than I would be just 24 hours later.

I’m not sure what that would look like in Scrivener itself, since you can write into a hundred difference files on a single day, but you can get overall daily statistics as recorded with the Project ▸ Writing History… tool. From there you can export the data as CSV, and by using the date column as a date cell style, probably get close to what you are looking for—maybe even graph by date of week?

Thank you - it turns out it was a Mac system preferences adjustment that would make it possible to display the day on which it was edited.

I’m not sure how indexable the solution is though, so I may export to csv every so often to compile some data on my writing patterns… although now that I look, there is no “writing history” in Scriv2 which is what I have.

Ah sorry, the Writing History feature is new to version 3.

You can still export the current tallies to CSV (see the File ▸ Export ▸ Outliner Contents as CSV… command) though, but to maintain a history you’ll need to do that periodically into a spreadsheet yourself.