Display total word count for a folder?

I’m thinking about switching over to Scrivener but really struggling with the setup process. I’ve spent the last few hours going through the tutorial and watching videos and I’ve figured out a few things…but not how to display word count.

Part of the difficulty I’m running into is probably how I’m setting up my project. I’m working on a series and I wanted to have all the books in one project. So my “manuscript” folder actually has multiple books. Each book has it’s own folder with all the corresponding chapters. I know how to view the word count for each chapter. And I sort of know how to display the word count for the entire project. Seems like the way to do this is by going to the Project menu and then statistics. But what is the easiest way to get the word count of each book? Is there a way to display that information in the footer or do you always have to go to Project → Statistics?

Click on any folder (in scrivenings mode) and the word count appears in the footer bar at the bottom of the editor.

Let me introduce you to the Outliner. :wink:

The Outliner view is, of course, a great way to make an outline and fill in the synopses, and even navigate to the associated texts and draft them, but it can be a lot more. I too like to have all my volumes for a multiple volume project in the same project. Here’s a sample Outliner view for one of my WIPs (synopses hidden so as to show more word count goodness):

You can enter targets right there in the Outliner. Note how I can select any level of control that I prefer, and the totals will be rolled up into the total target and total words columns. Note also that I don’t set targets at levels above or below those I want to control—that would result in duplicate counts. I can see my progress graphically in the total progress column.

In the upper right corner there’s a little drop-down menu that lets you select the columns you want to see all at once. I’ve tried to mark this on the screenshot but it’s tiny.

Sorry about my eye-burning colours. Hope this helps!

Thank you both! That’s really helpful info! I’m hoping that as I spend more time in the software I get less frustrated at it, lol. I’m still not sure if I’ll completely switch over to this or keep using Plot Factory for most of my writing and then copy it into Scrivener for formatting. There are parts of it that I really like so far, and other parts…not so much.