Displaying text in folder documents in compilation

This is part of my binder

I’ve gotten my compiled document to show all the titles that i want. however, folder documents like “Part 1” and “Day 1” also include an opening quote (some literary reference or whatever) under the title. These quotes are not being displayed in my compiled document. How can I do that?

Thank you very much

Create a Section Type for the Parts and Day sections in Project > Section Types.

Assign those Section Types a Section Layout with a Title Content Type in the middle column of the Compile Overview window.

To find if a Section Layout has its Title Content Type checked, double-click the Compile Format you’re using in the left column of the Compile Overview window. In the Section Layouts Pane, the Section Layouts you’ve assigned should have a checkmark in the Title column.
Save and Compile.


You may want to use placeholders for Act or Part number And use the section layout As Is and assign to the part or Act section types to also include the quote. This would also preserve the font if the quote font is different then text font.


thank you both. i’m still not quite managing it.

the section type of the DAY parts is “chapter heading”:

In my compile window, for the chapter heading section type, Title is checked. I even checked “text” (as it seems to be a quote under a title would fall under that?) but the result is still that i only see the document titles (part I and Day 1) but not the quotes that i put under them (see below for the two quotes, invisible in compile)

I must still be doing something wrong here but what?

thanks again!

as originally suggested by Antoni, i now created new section types (TL part, TL day), and with those it works

These don’t show up in the window below, is that normal?
I guess it works now, though I’m not 100% sure of what I’m doing :slight_smile: