Divergent Behavior When Clicking Footnote/Comment in Editor vs. in Quick Reference Window

When you click on a footnote or comment in a document being viewed as a Quick Reference, the cursor immediately jumps to the footnote or comment in the Inspector so that you can begin editing it. This behavior makes perfect sense. However, when you click on a footnote/comment in a document that is being viewed in the Editor, the cursor remains in the Editor instead of jumping to the specific footnote/comment in the Inspector. (The footnote/comment is only outlined with a gray box, and pressing the f2 key does not even move the cursor to edit the footnote/comment. For the f2 shortcut to work, you have to first manually click the footnote/comment in the Inspector (rather than simply pressing f2 after clicking the footnote/comment in the Editor).)

I really think editing a footnote or comment that is clicked in the Editor should be automated like it is in the Quick Reference window. At the very least, it should only require clicking the footnote/comment followed by hitting f2. As it currently works, one must first click the footnote in the Editor and then either double-click the footnote/comment in the Inspector or single click the footnote/comment in the Inspector and press f2.

And it would be super super ideal if there was a custom keyboard shortcut we could use to jump the cursor to edit a footnote/comment in the Inspector when the cursor in the Editor is positioned within the range of the footnote/comment.

I make such extensive use of comments and footnotes that the conveniences outlined here would be necessary for me to invest in Scrivener as my daily writing app, so thank you so much for your consideration of this!