Dividing "Bars" in Binder

This may seem silly, but I’d love to see the ability to add, well, for lack of a better term, “divider bars” between cards and folders in the Binder.

Ideally you would label them with a topic or number or some such organizational symbol, and they would serve to simply divide up all the Binder cards/folders into sections. Right now I use folders for that purpose, but I thought it’d be nice to see something that just visually divides the Binder screen into parts - but that has no other textual or export abilities except as a visual code.

This program is so versatile, that there are probably 10 or more ways to achieve the same thing, but I thought it would be an interesting addition.

Thanks, Richard

I realise this doesn’t look as fancy as a single-pixel line, but have you tried creating documents named, ‘----------’ and then setting them to not be included in the Draft from within the Inspector?

Ooooh, that is all kinds of clever! I’m on it! Thanks! Richard

Bumping this request from 10 years ago.

I have used the empty-document-divider trick even before seeing AmberV’s suggestion, but I hope we can all admit this is incredibly inelegant in such a mature piece of writing software that focuses on structure and organization.
To clarify, I am requesting a UI-only divider or grouper for the binder (maybe even with a label and collapse/expand capability). Real-life binders have dividers and we should too!


EDIT: The reason I am not satisfied with using folders for this, is because folders just look the same as everything else. If I needed the final output of my book to be further divided into actual sections, then I would of course use folders for that purpose.

But this UI-only element would serve just to visually disrupt the hundreds of items in the binder. For those of us who think of our stories in chronology, or chunks, or plot points that are in no way tied to the output/compiling, this type of division would make it easier to find that one scene you wrote six months ago that you think is somewhere before this happened, but definitely after this happened… you get the idea.

This thread is pretty old.

We added a feature for breaking up the binder visually, to 3.0. Here is a screenshot of it from the user manual:


If they’ve added this to the Windows 3 beta (not around a PC at the moment to check), then it will be accessible from the contextual menu when right-clicking on any item. This isn’t a special “object” that has no role other than separation, but rather an effect that can be applied to anything at all.

I suppose you could use folders very strictly like that, but Scrivener certainly doesn’t mean them to be used that way in particular. I often use folders in my Draft for no reason other than to clarify topics within sections that do not have any visual representation of those divisions in the output. Even something as simple as disabling the “Include in Compile” checkbox in the inspector can make a folder go from being structure, to something purely for your own benefit.

But that’s just food for thought—like I say you’ll be able to accentuate any kind of item in the binder with the separator feature.

Thanks for the reply! I am very much looking forward to Scrivener 3 for Windows, and it looks like the feature you describe may very well satisfy my need.

I think using that with a “blank” folder icon will give me the separation I crave.