Do I have to install Scrivener 1 to license Scrivener 3?

I purchased my Scrivener license 2 or 3 months ago. It is a Scrivener 1 license that would transfer to Scrivener 3.

I didn’t install Scrivener 1. Because the new version seemed so close, I used the beta, waiting for the opportunity to apply my license.

I’m trying to apply my license to my Scrivener 3 download and it tells me it is for the wrong version. Do I really have to install Scrivener 1 and upgrade to Scrivener 3?

No, but you will need to get a new license from our store.

It should recognize your email address and apply the upgrade discount (100%, in this case) automatically.



I just wanted to say thank you for Scrivener 3! I bought Scrivener 1 in 2018. I just got a new PC and didn’t have Scrivener on it yet. So, today, I found my original email with the 1 code and installed Scrivener 3.

And ran into trouble. But I found clear instructions on the forums! I used the link to the old installer, installed Scrivener 1, plugged in my code, then closed it.
When I started Scrivener 3, I clicked the upgrade link. Scrivener 3 read my code from Scrivener 1 and I just went through the “buy” and “coupon” screens.

Now I have my shiny new Scrivener 3 installed and ready for me to go through the tutorial!

I was going to post this on the original thread with the link to the earlier version, but I couldn’t find it.

Here’s hoping my experience will encourage someone else who is facing a reinstall. The process works, and is simple. My guess is, now that I have the code for Scrivener 3, that if I put it on one of my laptops for when I’m away from the new desktop, I will simply install 3 and put that code.

Again, thanks for the free upgrade! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time!
Now I’ll be looking at the nifty NANOWRIMO stuff I saw on the way in! Good luck to all of you participating [I’m still on the fence since I’m 8 days late…oh well]

By the way, my PC is running Windows 11. I had no problems running Scrivener 1 to get the code, and no problems running Scrivener 3 to get the new code. Installation on both was flawless and easy!

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