Do I need 1 Project or 2 Projects for different size images?

My paperback book needs 300 dpi images. My Kindle book needs 72 dpi. Do I need 2 separate projects or is there a way to do this in one project? If I do need 2 projects, how do I clone my current project?

I am not very technical. Please be very detailed when replying. Thank you.

You can duplicate a project either by making a backup of it or using the Save As command. (The difference is that after a Save As command Scrivener keeps working in the duplicate.) Or you can use the Documents → Duplicate command to make a second copy within the project.

None of that is necessary if you use linked images, though. Then you can have two folders outside the project, one for each resolution, and swap them as needed. See the section on linked images in the manual. (It’s section 15.6.4 in the Mac manual; I don’t have the Windows manual handy.)

Thank you. I ended up copying the project folder and renamed it.

The most efficient approach would be to simply convert over to using linked images, which won’t be much additional trouble, since you’re going to have to go through every image anyway one by one, to change the DPI. The process is described in this post in more detail.

As for a more general description of the kinds of image handling options Scrivener makes available, there is this post.

Juggling multiple projects and keeping revisions and typo fixes up to date in both sounds like a real headache and source for unintentional errors, for something that has a good, designed solution.


Thank you. I did solve the problem.