"Do not count spaces in character counts" for live character count

In the editor, in the status bar where it shows the character count, is it possible not to count spaces?

I’m asking because compile has this option under Compile → Edit Format → Statistics, there is the option “Do not count spaces in character counts.” I was wondering if the same thing exists for the editor?

There’s no way to see it live, I’m afraid, because it requires a calculation (making a copy of the entire text, removing all the spaces, and then counting the remains characters), so it’s not the sort of thing I like to do while the user is typing. However, you can get this count easily enough by simply clicking on the word and character count in the footer bar. This brings up a popover with some extended statistics, including the character count without spaces.

All the best,

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks! I didn’t realize that you could get that info by clicking the count directly.