Do people really fall ...

… for this kind of phishing?

It looks to me like one of the least competent phishing attempts I’ve ever come across! Leave aside the tell-tale spelling mistake, do they really think any half sane person would go to a weblink in Belgium to change the security settings on a mailbox hosted in another country, and on the basis of a salutation that shows they haven’t the foggiest idea who you are?

Puzzled in Xiamen

PS: As this is an open-ish forum, I’ve replaced the real address with x’s and y’s, and chopped short the long string of numbers.

Unfortunately, enough people fall for this kind of craziness to make phishing lucrative. If not, phishing would have died out long ago.

I generally reply with something witty asking for more info in the hope of scamming them as per various websites. Or send an obscene photo obtained from one of those scamming sites in the hope it offends their delicate sensibilities in the internet cafe.

It may not be clever but it feels good.


Short answer, Yes. Long answer, Heck yes.

Almost beyond belief!


Guyz, there seams to be a problem with the fourum. Could u pleaze replie to this thred with you’re passwords.


Why, yes, certainly. My password is tricksterBeha…

… now wait a sec…

oh my, you really got me there… :smiley:

:open_mouth: Jeezz!!! If youre that gullible, youd better send me the PIN No for your Credit/Debit card, and your bank details, so I can keep them safe for you. Dont tell anybody Ive got them, just to be on the safe side.
Your very good friend

I suppose you need somebody else’s card, too, what with your own being behind the bar at the Red Lion and all…

Nahh! Thats one of the wifes! Shes got that many, she doesnt know where half of `em are!! :smiling_imp:

Send a few my way. I need to buy a new head.

Here you go:


Dear God what is that THING?! – Princess Bride: Wesley describing a peasant’s anticipated response to seeing Humperdink after a dual “to the pain”

Who`s turned the lights out? :open_mouth:

your lights were never “on”.

Did someone say something witty or was it Jaysen? :confused:

Apropos of atrocious typos, a true story.
Years ago, I moved into an office previously occupied by a distinguished scholar.
He was from New England, with a reputation for irascible humor.
Cleaning out his desk, I found a stack of old exams he had graded years earlier.
In one, a student had written:
“And so Sancho Panza departs, riding on his burrow…”
In the margin, my colleague had written these immortal words:
“You are obviously one of those who doesn’t know
his ass from a hole in the ground.”
True story, I swear it.

If only that did not hit so close to home!

It is really funny, though! :mrgreen: