Do Scrivener links auto-update?

Hi, and thank you for the fanastic software!

I’m new to Scrivener and I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious - I tried to look in the help, FAQ and this forum but couldn’t find the answer:

when I’m creating a “Scrivener Link” pointing to another chapter of my project, it inserts the name of that chapter in the text, which is great; however if I edit that chapter later and change its name - the link doesn’t seem to update automatically, still containing the old name for that chapter. Is there a way to update all such links, or do I have to remove and reinsert them manually?



Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

I’m afraid they don’t automatically update at the moment, no. It’s something that would certainly be useful for the future, I agree, but there are various (tedious) technical problems with updating them all in a program such as Scrivener, where the files are scattered around and aren’t opened until needed - to go through every document would take Scrivener a long time (although probably not as long as it would take the user, in all fairness). I think this would be a good “Auto-Correct” option for the future though.

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The link itself is still correct though–that is, it still points to the right document. It’s just the title in the text hasn’t updated.