Do these poetry tools exist?

I am fairly new to Scrivener and interested in using it for poetry. I would love a mode that counted out metrical feet and stressed/unstressed. Is that something that exists?


Generally speaking, Scrivener is genre-agnostic and includes very few tools of this kind. (It doesn’t have worldbuilding tools for fantasy novelists either, for instance.)

If you describe how you might do that in another program, or on paper, we might be able to help you sort something out. Scrivener makes a lot of general-purpose tools available to you, and it is not uncommon to find ways of using them for more specific purposes.

Digitally: I number appears at the end of the line with total count while stressed syllables are bolded and unstressed aren’t. The ability to select words and search for synonyms with certain stresses would be cool.

But how does the tool know what syllables are stressed? Is that a function of the specified meter, or of the language (not all Scrivener users write in English), or both?

Welp I was trying to expand on my previous post and deleted it instead. There are APIs that could solve the problem (datamuse’s API for example) that aim to be free if possible. Likewise a less feature version could use a dictionary to store the information. It would be great to support every language but often that isn’t possible and limiting features because of that isn’t standard practice.