Do You Have a Problem with Some Dragon Commands Not Working in Scrivener?

I use Dragon voice recognition dictation software with Scrivener 3 Windows (and quite a few other different pieces of software), and am very happy with Dragon’s performance.

And I know that because Scrivener is not a programme supported by Dragon, it is not fair to expect all of Dragon’s commands to work in unsupported programmes.

Recently, I have noticed a new quirk with Dragon in Scrivener, in addition to several things that do not work which I have known about for a long time, and I am wondering if others have experienced these problems, and if so, what possible solutions you might suggest.

I am using Dragon 15 Professional for Windows.

These are the problems I am experiencing with Dragon in Scrivener

  1. When I resume dictation after pausing when dictating a sentence, Dragon/Scrivener puts the first newly dictated word right next to the last word dictated before the pause (i.e., without a space between the words).

I have used various versions of Scrivener in Word, several email and webmail programmes, and other types of software since about 2012, and have only experienced this problem rarely.

And this problem only started happening for me in Scrivener in the last week or so: before that, pausing and resuming dictation would never cause this problem.

  1. Some Dragon commands do not work in Scrivener. While I do not expect all Dragon commands to work in Scrivener (because Scrivener is not a supported platform), I am curious about whether the following commands work for others in Scrivener
    a. The “All Cap(s) That” command does not work
    b. The “Select [words in the sentence or window]” does not work

I am grateful for any help with this.

Thank you.

Obviously this was ages ago but I just found it searching for Dragon problems of my own.
Just to say I have the same problem, sporadic for me as well.
Happens in other programs too