Do you want a better Swedish spelling dictionary?

I have compiled a Swedish dictionary with more than 280.000 words. It is a compilation of free lists from among other places If anyone wants to use it, go ahead and download it from this very un-fancy page: I have put some effort in spellchecking some of the lists in Word and I think the result will make you much happier than the recent list.

It is very simple to put in use if you know your way around your harddrive. It is in a zipped file, you need to copy it to the right place and you need to edit one line in one file with Notepad++. Do not try to use Notepad for this, according to an instruction included in the Scrivener resource folder it will not work. The zipped file includes a simple instruction.

As long as you know what you’re doing you won’t ruin anything, you can always edit the mentioned file back to use the original word list.

many thanks for this!